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Our Fees

What is our fee structure?

As fiduciary financial planners, we put our client’s best interests first.

We believe in transparency in all areas of financial planning and have designed a straightforward financial planning fee.  Our fees are structured so that we do better when our clients do better.  We believe this aligns our interests and eliminates the traditional conflicts of interest commonplace with other financial representatives.

Our financial planning fee depends on a variety of factors including case complexity and scope of services provided.  We will discuss the details of your fee structure before client onboarding. An initial meeting or phone call is always complimentary.

How often do we assess a fee?

Our fees are billed monthly, in advance. Fees are based on the average total value of your assets under management for the previous month.  This is billed directly through your accounts at Charles Schwab, under our management. Since asset values can change, we perform this same calculation each month. 


What is included in our fee?

Through our comprehensive financial planning fee, you will have access to our entire team and the full scope of services that we offer.  We offer a range of planning resources and services to help you reach your goals.  You may read more about our services here.