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Federal Employees

At GRANTvest Financial, working with Federal Employees is one of our focus areas.  We specialize in Federal Employee Benefits; we work with federal agencies and human resource individuals to ensure your retirement is a smooth process.  As a federal employee you have a great retirement system; however, you have many choices and decisions to make, especially as you near retirement. These choices will be critical in determining how you protect and maximize your retirement.


We have trained retirement counselors to assist you with the process and help you evaluate your Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), Agency Pension, Social Security Income and more.  Our retirement planners hold a Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant Certification and are well-versed in the intersection of Federal Employee Benefits and Financial & Retirement Planning. 

Our advisors are also qualified fiduciary financial planners who look at your Federal Employee benefits as a component and use those benefits to help develop a greater financial plan.  One that takes your pension, survivor benefits, healthcare insurance, life insurance, social security benefits, and TSP into account when structuring a comprehensive financial plan.  

We will assist you in navigating the topics below…

  • Strategies to provide more Control, Flexibility & Options with your TSP
  • Calculating your FERS/CSRS Pension
  • Determining Eligibility for FERS Bonus Multiplier
  • Calculating your Social Security Supplement
  • Social Security Planning Strategies
  • Regular TSP vs. Roth TSP
  • What happens with FEGLI, FEHB & TSP when you retire?
  • Retirement Paperwork Completion Assistance
  • When can I have a qualified retirement?
  • What should I do with my TSP after I retire?
  • Rollover options to help increase or maximize your TSP
  • How will the TSP Modernization & SECURE Acts affect me?




Social Security Benefits:

CBP Retirement: Applying for CBP Retirement

IRS/VA Retirement: GRB Retirement Platform

DFAS Military Buy Back: Military Buy Back System

Federal Retirement Benefit Consultant: Anthony Caputo

Federal Retirement Benefit Consultant: Gregory Guenther

Complimentary Federal Employee Consultation

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