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Joseph Cammayo has a wide range of experience from various senior-level positions in some of the most prestigious firms in the industry. He was previously a Senior Director of Branch Operations at Oppenheimer, Senior Assistant Operations Manager at Morgan Stanley and Smith Barney, and an Administrative Manager for Bank of America Investments. Joseph has extensive knowledge in risk management, compliance, and operations. Joseph currently maintains the following registrations, Series 7 General Securities Representative, Series 66 Investment Advisor Representative, and as well as the NJ Life & Health Insurance Certifications.

As a registered investment advisor representative and fiduciary financial planner, Joseph utilizes his expertise with his wealth management process. What sets Joseph apart from his peers is his commitment to first understanding the client’s unique financial objectives before offering any solutions or recommendations. He and his team have a holistic and comprehensive approach when advising clients about their wealth. Joseph and his wife Dawn currently reside in Aberdeen, NJ with their two children.

Why I became an advisor...

In 1987, my family and I migrated to the United States from the Philippines. I came here with my parents and three younger siblings. I was only 13 years old at the time. My parents instilled in me early in life that because I was the oldest, I had a responsibility to be a good example to my younger siblings. That is when I developed my passion for helping others. It became second nature to me and always gave me a sense of relief.


Over the years as I matured, I started developing a different passion and desire in wanting to make a difference. I learned that being passionate about helping people and wanting to make a difference is a powerful combination. In my 25+ year career in finance, I have taken on many different roles. However, the role I am in now as a fiduciary financial planner is what I found the most self-fulfilling because I absolutely love what I do. I take great pride in my work and love the feedback I get from my clients.


One of my most meaningful accomplishments was the first time I received a referral. When you get a referral from a client, that solidifies that the client has confidence in you handling not only their finances but those of a friend or family members as well. That was a very proud moment. I find great joy in determining the appropriate solution for each client and I really love the fact that no two clients that come in my door are ever the same.