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Gregory Guenther, CRPC® & ChFEBC℠ is a broad based financial planner with a special emphasis on comprehensive financial and retirement planning.  Greg began his career in the Private Wealth Division of Smith Barney and prides himself on maintaining a pulse on advanced retirement planning solutions.  He established an independent planning practice in 2009 to better serve the growing needs of his clients. Greg holds a Chartered Retirement Planner Counselor Designation, Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant Designation, Series 7, 63 & 65 licenses, as well as life & health insurance licenses.  Through this broad range of expertise, he has the ability to understand his client's unique financial planning needs.

He enjoys collaborating with clients to design, implement and monitor customized planning strategies. Greg earned his CRPC® designation from the College for Financial Planning and graduated from Providence College with a B.S. in Finance.  He is a lifelong resident of New Jersey having graduated from Christian Brothers Academy and currently resides in Monmouth County, NJ with his wife and two daughters.

Why I became an advisor... 

My friends and family all think I’m a nerd and a workaholic, but I just love to educate people and help them do better in life. Ever since I was a little kid, I always loved personal finance and being an entrepreneur. As a young man, I started my first business; a vegetable stand (this is well before organic and non-GMO was so popular). I picked vegetables in our family garden and set up a vegetable-stand on the side of our sleepy back road. I fondly remember counting the money at the end of the season; of course, I saved every penny until the end of the year. Looking back, I realize this experience was so important because it taught me about hard work, saving and goal-setting.

A few years later, my brother and I began a garden rototilling business, which lead into snow shoveling business during the colder months. Within in few years, I quickly got myself into working multiple jobs, now to include caddying at the local country club. It was this job that turned out to be quite formative. I distinctly remember several of the members teaching me about the stock market and the power of dividends compounding over time. It is Albert Einstein who said, “the power of compound interest the most powerful force in the universe.” It was around this time that I opened my first investment account, a Roth IRA. Now I began to learn about investing, compounding and tax-efficiency.

After graduating Christian Brother Academy, where I excelled in business & finance classes, I was off to Providence College to expand upon my knowledge and earn my Finance Degree. With the lessons that I learned starting as a young man and continue to sharpen daily, it’s my goal to help you achieve financial comfort and freedom through strategy and planning. I most enjoy collaborating with my clients to help them build a financial plan. My goal is to bring you common sense financial advice. So many of the major networks and big firm brokers use industry jargon that may be over your head, but I’ve learned that most people are so busy in their hectic schedules that they need easy to implement advice for their daily lives. That is exactly what you’ll get from me.

Thanks for reading my story… I look forward to hearing yours.