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As a kid, I spent plenty of time being active, and trying many things was encouraged by my parents. Some of those many things included, baseball, basketball, soccer, water skiing, sailing, hunting, and playing the trumpet. As I got older the list paired down a bit to soccer, shooting sporting clays, and sailing. Needless to say, I loved the years of coaching my kids in sports when they were younger and just enjoying their development and achievements as they got older. With 2 grown and flown and the youngest, who swims in college, I still enjoy keeping up with their lives and visiting as often as possible. Time at games has been replaced by more travel with my beautiful wife, Mary Beth; who keeps me young by planning fabulous trips.
I enjoy great times with friends and family and if not working or traveling, I enjoy racing sailboats, teaching adults how to sail, hiking with my wife and our dog, and staying as active as possible.
Little known fact: I spent a year on the island of St. Martin a couple of years out of college, helping to run a restaurant. I learned many things in that year, but the biggest was that living and working on an island is very different than being on vacation on an island and that the restaurant business is very tough, even when you are in your early twenties. When I realized that I went windsurfing many more times in a summer in NJ than I did in a full year on St. Martin, I knew it was time to go home.